You aren’t alone in this

Have you ever considered how brave you are?

How so few people talk about having vaginismus, or what overcoming it even looks like?

Charting the course for recovery — especially when it’s just you, alone in your rowboat, with only a rusted spyglass and a single oar, while water is rushing in through the holes of the boat and a storm thunders overhead — is incredibly, constantly, soul-exhaustingly overwhelming. ?

On this journey, the waters are rarely this calm.

It just requires SO MUCH constant attention.

I want you to know that I see your bravery.

No one has ever modeled this kind of healing path for you. It’s not like we saw our mothers openly go through vaginismus, heard them talk about it, and witnessed their recovery.

I want you to know, dear one, that you don’t have to do this alone. I’m with you. I’m sending my lighthouse beacon across the stormy sea to you. ⚓️??

I’m here to help you navigate this.

You know what’s truly amazing? Your willingness and strength to keep going. Your commitment to heal.

The fact that you haven’t given up, even though you have been through so much.

Time and again, the number-one thing that makes THE biggest difference in my clients’ recovery? It’s that decision to heal. Because they’ve decided that not healing simply isn’t an option.

You’ve survived every hard thing in your life so far. You will make it through this one, too.

Take a deep breath and rest. I’m with you. We’ll figure this out together.

— Meghan, the Vaginismus Coach


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